The Villaggio Calispera stands on a delightful, enchanted promontory surrounded by the most transparent sea inCalabria, with the cliff of Santa Maria on one side and the splendid, white Grotticelle beach on the other. This promontory has now become legendary - yet seems a reality: the Greeks, who are said to have come from their own little village of Calimera (meaning good morning in Greek), named this corner of paradise Calispera (Beautiful Evening in Greek), just as we continue to call it today.

To the west on a clear day (and there are indeed many from April to September), the red sun picks out Stromboli and the other Aeolian islands; to the south one can admire the Calabrian coastline and to the south cast the northern tip of Sicily.

The twinkling evening lights, the last windsurfs which plough the waves, the sailing boats gently arriving on the shore, the friendly sea which seems to watch over the harmony of the promontory, all help to make the magical atmosphere totally unique.

There is only one place where you admire all this: the promontory on which our Villaggio Calispera stands!